Teeth Agency is grateful to have made it as part of Drew McDowall's mix for Bleep's 12-4-2020 mix.

Bootes Void was a vinyl only release on 10-1-2020 and sold out quickly that day.

The legendary modular synthesist behind 2020’s Agalma and a number of incredibly influential works as a member of Coil and Psychic TV, Drew McDowall delivers an hour-long mix of oneiric soundscapes. Much in the style and voice of McDowall’s recent releases on Dais Records, his mix moves with the measured pace of a dream-like wander through some of the finest ambient and experimental productions of 2020, from the funereal melancholia of Faten Kanaan, through the crestfallen tundras of William Basinski and into the icy pop whispers of Eartheater. It’s a perfect mix for the year the Earth stood still.