Metal Preyers performed a live audio visual set along with our friends Kinact joining in for an impromptu performance. We were part of the feature for 'Night Shift' a show curated by Claire Contamine & Nyege Nyege Tapes at Kanal Centre Pompidou Brussels.

Directed & Edited by Denholm Hewlett
Music by Jesse Hackett & Otim Alpha
Footage by Olivier Conrardy, Nic & Seb, & Marion Desmaret
Performance & Costumes by Kinact
Live Visuals/Projections by Denholm Hewlett
Art Direction by Mariano Chavez
Special Thanks to Derek & Arlen.

Metal Preyers is happy to be part of an evening performance at Centre Pompidou in Brussels. A live A/V set will be performed as part of the Nyege Nyege Night Shift presentation. More info Here

Shadow Swamps Out Now

Filmed by Mantas Kvedaravicius
Editing by Denholm Hewlett
Wasp-nest head sculptural pieces by Mariano Chavez

Video watch

Following 2020's acclaimed self-titled debut album, Metal Preyers take the left hand path into a gloomy backwater filled with haunted creatures and fraught with peril. "Shadow Swamps" again finds London-based Jesse Hackett handling the music and Chicago's Mariano Chavez fashioning the album's visual identity, which this time includes a short film and book for a fully immersive experience.

"Shadow Swamps" is the soundtrack to a pitch-black fairy tale about a father and daughter as they journey through a swamp avoiding gremlins, red swines and crater creatures. Musically, it pivots between the clattering Czech new wave experimentation of "Valerie and her Week of Wonders" composer Luboš Fišer, or the magical, eccentric lounge of Birmingham's Broadcast, and the grinding industrial grot of Italian pioneer Maurizio Bianchi.

This time around, Hackett has roped in production assists from his six year-old-daughter Wonder - who used phone memos to record herself singing - veteran Metal Preyers collaborator Lord TusK, and Manchester-based painter, DJ and producer Richard Harris, aka Sockethead. The crew inks an unsettling, richly textured sonic landscape, with claws of rhythmic smoke curling around chiming otherworldly xylophone, disembodied fiddle drones echoing over screwed 'n chopped beatbox dirt and half-heard magical vocals buried under clouds of white noise.

It's an eerie experience from beginning to end, somewhere between 1980s DIY tape music and the quirky soundtracks to the Quay Brothers' cult stop-motion animated shorts.

Check out our new feature on Fact Magazine. A nice short film detailing the evolution of Teeth Agency. We co directed this with our good friend and collaborator Denholm Hewlett.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

The Long Dream
November 7- May 2 2021

More info can be found here: THE LONG DREAM

Teeth Agency's double album " You Don't Have to Live in Pain' is available now for pre-order from Stones Throw Records. The album is a diverse collection of music spanning over six years and was nicely (loving) arranged by Folerio from many different eras. The album will come with a signed 24 page book (edition of 50), and is exclusive for the first 50 orders. Preorder here: STONES THROW

Teeth Agency's Stones Throw double album debut slowly rolls out this month with the release of the single 'Anon'. Watch the video created by Mariano Chavez and Diamond Mcnabb. Music by Jesse Hackett with additional vocals / music by Bullion and ESKA. Watch here: ANON

London and Chicago duo Jesse Hackett & Mariano Chavez aka Teeth Agency are now on Stones Throw Records! Check out the latest news and projects here: TEETH AGENCY on STONES THROW RECORDS

The Artwork I made for Metal Preyers was on The Vinyl Factories list of Favorite Album Art and Packaging for 2020! Check out the list here: The Vinyl Factories list of Favorite Album Art 2020

Metal Preyers selected on Crack Magazines list of top 50 Albums of 2020. We came in at #11 see list here: CRACK MAGAZINE TOP 50 ALBUMS of 2020

Metal Preyers Audio Visual set debut featured in Nyege Nyege Fest 2020. Full show posted here: Nyege Nyege Fest Featuring Metal Preyers

Twinners expansive article up on Psychic Garden Magazine


TWINNERS release today 10.10.2020 Deluxe hardcover book and 7" Vinyl
available for purchase on website

New album release today 10.1.2020

Boötes Void--more info on gallery post

album available on-- BOOMKAT

Teeth Agency on Stones Throw

My collaborative project 'Teeth Agency' with Jesse Hackett is now up on Stones Throw Records. See what we have been up to HERE

Metal Preyers Released on Nyege Nyege Tapes:

Boomkat Product Review:
Incredible album of ruffneck outernational soundsystem abstractions brought together by Uganda’s by-now infamously fecund Nyege Nyege crew; an impressionistic industrial/ambient soundtrack where chopped & screwed gristle meets ballistic singeli and mutant electro-acholi. If you’re into anything from King Midas Sound to classic Talking Heads, Nearly God and The WIld Bunch - this one’s a stone cold killer.

London’s Jesse Hackett and Chicago-based Mariano Chavez distill a wickedly sozzled, bleary impression of their time spent with Lord Tusk and a crack squad of Ugandan musicians in Kampala, 2019. Documenting the result of six weeks of making music, art and videos, and Waragi Gin-fuelled rides into the Kampala nightlife, their debut album features a full battery of traditional percussion and strings, plus the canny use of whistling and Lord Tusk’s rude sound system sensibilities, serving a triple AAA-rated trip that lures listeners into their intoxicated/intoxicating state of mind and effectively conveys the experience of a jag deep into the belly of Uganda’s thrilling, sprawling capital city at a major crossroads of East and Central Africa.

It’s not the first time Jesse Hackett has worked with Ugandan musicians - his 2017 album ‘Ennanga Vision’ saw him teamed with electro-acholi stars Otim Alpha, Geoffrey Opiyo Twongweno, and Albert Bisaso Ssempeke - however the vibe this time is more psychedelic in a road-level, grimy and noisy style thanks to the expanded platte of inputs, including an all-star Ugandan roll call of Otim Alpha, multi-instrumentalist Lawrence Okello, percussionist Omutaba, and Rian Treanor-collaborator Ocen, all girded by the vital ruggedness of London underground don, Lord Tusk.

In their pair of ‘Dream Sequence’ suites the album freewheels with delirious style, from mechanically musical drones in the title track to a quietly febrile conclusion recalling Craig Leon’s ‘Nommos’. Bouts of melodically stressed noise give way to Gin-steeped sing-song, chunks of chopped & screwed gristle, and dizzy clusters of Singeli-esque rhythm in a stop/start, unpredictable manner that sounds like nobody else right now. DJs will find ways of working this material into sets, although the album is really best downed in one for a vividly soundtrack-like experience that recalls the thrills and spills of a Safdie Bros flick, but set in Uganda, effectively throwing listeners head first into the thick of Kampala’s nightlife.

Listen Here

Ed Paschke Art Center

Ouroboros September 8 - December 15

Ed Paschke Art Center

5415 W Higgins Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

Mariano Chavez Ouroboros at Ed Paschke Art Center

Marinaro Gallery
Cheeky: Summer Butts June 29 - August 3, 2018

organized by Anthony Iacono and Peter LaBier

1 Oliver Street New York, NY 10038

Dia De Muertos: A Spiritual Legacy

National Museum of Mexican Art

Opening reception on Friday, September 21, 2018 6pm to 8:30pm
Exhibition continues through December 9



Working on finalizing an exciting new book / sound collaborative project with producer /musician Jesse Hackett

release date soon to be announced early 2018

Upcoming Exhibition

New Work
5221 N Clark Street

Opening October Friday 13th 6-9pm.

Soccer Club Club
Deep Cuts
June 25-July 21

Carrie Secrist Gallery
Visible and Permanent
March 17—April 29, 2017…


Ten titles out now: Channeling, DUMP issues 1 and 2, Doctonrunner 5 and many more. Check them out with the link below.




April 22- June15th
Curated by Becca Mann
The Soccer Club Club
2923 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago, IL 60641

catalog available here:

Solo Show
AdventureLand Gallery
1513 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
May 6th

Present Standard

January 30-April 24 2016
Chicago Cultural Center 1st Floor Galleries
78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

Present Standard Reviews

Chicago Tonight PBS…


UICA shows us how to take art collecting to the next level
by Rick Beerhorst…

January 22- February 15

John Molloy Gallery 'Transfigurations' Featured at Metro Curates (Metropolitan Pavilion) January 22-25 Opening January 21st 6-9
125 West 18th Street, New York

Also Showing at John Molloy Gallery
49 E 78th St., Suite 2B New York, NY 10075 Jan 22- Feb 15…

2015 March 14- May 15

Power Objects: The Future Has a Primitive Heart
The Josh Rogers + Lesley Weisenbacher Collection Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts 2 West Fulton Grand Rapids, MI 49503…


NEWS: November 15th Buying Friends Ryan Kortman Collection Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts 2 West Fulton Grand Rapids, MI 49503

NEWS: (May 15 - June 14, 2014) Stolen Property @ John Molloy Gallery 49 E 78th St., Suite 2B New York, NY 10075…

NEWS: Western Exhibitions
January 31-March 8th
845 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607…

NEWS: "Gowanus Ballroom"
This Particular Patch
January 17- February 2
55 9th St, New York, NY 11231

NEWS: Februrary 8th Open Source Gallery Curated by Fuse Works
Some Assembly Required
306 17th street, between 5th and 6th ave Brooklyn, NY 11215

NEWS: Why Marriage (Book Release)
The Darst Center
2834 South Normal Avenue Chicago, IL 60616
Saturday February 22 2014 6 to 10pm


NEWS: Interview with Tony Fitzpatrick and artist (part II) for La Luz de Jesus show for Bureau of Arts and Culture…

NEWS: July 21 2013 Cultural Conversations 'Catalogs' @ High Concept Laboratories…

NEWS: Feature on Nothing Major…

NEWS: "Little Man Pee Pool Party" Curated by Paul Nudd @ (((antena))) gallery Chicago October 11, 2013

NEWS: Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection features 'Twinners'…

NEWS: New piece out on Chicago Gallery News (Chicago’s Young Artists What does
the future hold?) by Kevin Nance

NEWS: The Bus: 27 Hooligans from Chitown (curated by Tony Fitzpatrick)
A show of 25 artist from Chicago at La Luz De Jesus Gallery opening Reception: Friday, April 5th, 8-11 pm 4633 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-7667

NEWS: Solo Show Crosses, Diamonds, and Monsters @ Adventure Land Gallery October 5th 7-10 1513 N. Western Ave. Chicago IL, 60622

NEWS: Just opened today 'Thanks For Sharing' Curated by Jen Lopez @ MOPA